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California Public Records

Construed in the Freedom Information Act of California is the notion that anyone can access public information in the state for whatever legal purposes. Public archives include, but are not limited to, vital records, court records, arrest and criminal records, county records, and project updates. Each record requires a specific processing fee. To appeal for a copy of any public record, an application form must be acquiesced.

Several state agencies are tapped by the government to maintain and update these public records. Also, as per the Public Records Law, they are accountable for the citizenry. Thus, they are responsible in assisting individuals seeking for such information. Californians also have the right to know about government affairs except for records that could infringe a person’s privacy or could obstruct justice. The processing time for public record entreaties highly depends on which agency the record is requested and what method is utilized.

California Public Records

To get a copy of any California public record in a fast and expedient manner, you can try hiring the services of online record providers. With these record solutions, not only will you get the records fast but also, you will be able to save money as they only require a minimal fee while other providers don’t even require a fee at all.

California public records can be accessed from the following entities:

To get a copy of any California public record, the following guidelines are requisite:

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