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Arizona Marriage Records

Although hackneyed, it has always been said that marriage is still more important than the wedding itself. Marriage is indeed one of the most crucial and pivotal experiences in a person’s life. Proof of this matrimonial bond is the bilateral agreement between two persons as documented in the marriage certificate. Such certificate serves as a mark of such union and is therefore a legal document. In Arizona, a marriage decree costs $26.50 while the license costs $74. To request a copy of this register, an application form for the marriage record must be secured and completed first.

While the Arizona Vital Records Office, Department of Health maintains and keeps state’s vital records including that of marriage, they don’t issue copies of such archives. Marriage record requests, therefore, should be directed at the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where the event transpired. To process such entreaties, 14 business days are required.

Arizona Marriage Records

Should you wish to get the marriage records in less than 2 weeks, this is actually possible through the help of alternative record providers online. These record solutions, as a matter of fact, also have their own statewide database containing all the vital records in Arizona. Online service providers require only a minimal fee while others do not. Either way, you get to receive the results of your record search the most expedited and practical way possible.

To get a copy of an Arizona marriage record, follow the steps below:

Since a marriage record request is subject to fee, please take note that it may vary from county to county. The estimated turnaround time may also differ depending on which agency you choose to process your appeal.

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