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Arizona Divorce Records

The State of Arizona’s Vital Records does not have marriage and divorce records in their public records database and those who would want to have a copy would have to visit the Clerk of the Superior Court of the County where the divorce was granted. Each record costs about $.50/page and those who need a certified copy need to add $26 to their payment. Payment for the copy fees vary although phone call orders are often payable with credit card.

To obtain the records, one would normally have to go to the Superior Clerk Court where the divorce was granted. Although the State does not limit request for records, one would incur research costs for those who provide incomplete data to the court. Divorce certificates are available from the county court however; all official court records are available from the Clerk of the Superior Court in Phoenix.

Arizona Divorce Records

To get hold of divorce records without having to pay extra fees or wait a long time for the request to be approved and wait for processing time, one can open an account or check one of the third party online search provider to look for the records. Some providers offer free search and basic information retrieval for requestors and a certain fee for those who need a more detailed report.

How To Obtain Arizona Divorce Certificates

State of Arizona Divorce Records Resources:

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