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Alabama Marriage Records

As per the Alabama Public Records Law, any citizen of the state may request records from public agencies in Alabama. This implies that all public registers, including that of marriage records, are accessible by any member of the state in need. To obtain a copy of an Alabama marriage certificate, a processing fee of $15 and an application form are required.

In Alabama, such records are maintained and issued by the Department of Public Health specifically the Vital Records Department. Decrees of marriages that date back to 1936 can be acquired from this office. Individuals doing the record search may either submit their request in person or send it through the US Postal Service. The processing time highly depends on which method is preferred.

Alabama Marriage Records

Placing your order online, on the other hand, will hasten the process and lessen your expenditure. Simply sit in front of your computer, look for Internet record solutions, and hire their services. These record providers also offer the same service for a minimal fee to fee at all. Plus, you can even get the marriage records you requested in just minutes.

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